End-To-End solution.

One stop solution for numerical simulation.
Rapid prototyping and large-scale deployment.

Workbench - Simulation to rapid prototyping to large scale deployment all in a single platform

Drag and drop.

Code free, model based design.
Build any control model by connecting pre-built blocks.

Workbench - Model based design enviroment

Intuitive language.

Powerful and intutive programming language.
Designed from ground up for extreme performance.

Workbench - Code based design enviroment

Rapid prototyping.

TI DSP based low cost prototyping platform.
Onboard programmer and data logger.

Rapid real-time prototyping platform

Single click transition.

Seamlessly transition from simulation to real-time.
No need for low level C programming or device level knowledge.

Inbuilt data logging.

Onboard programmer and data logger.
Overlay simulation and real-time results for analysis.

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